Top 6 New Baby Cards for Designers and Weirdos

Everyone’s having babies. Am I the only one having this experience? Every time I turn around, it seems like someone else is announcing their upcoming bundle of joy on Facebook. Good for them, but seriously, what’s a gal to do to find an appropriately cool baby card? Please no Hallmark sentiments about gifts from above. I mean, I did just say “bundle of joy” in the previous sentence, but that was with a sense of irony.

Never fear, gentle reader! Here are my top picks for new baby cards for designers, weirdos and those who, like me, appreciate a sense of irony. Cute, sure, but never cutesy.

Love this Preggers Card from Fugufugu Press. It’s a  little creepy, but look how how awesome the baby is doing that yoga move!

This pennant card from A. Favorite Design is cute, but in a vintage way, for your more middle of the road friends.

Perfect for the type nerd you know – Pram card from 1Canoe2

This Mama Sloth card from Laura Berger would be great for Mother’s Day or a new baby.


When “congratulations” just isn’t enough, this card from Brain Surgeons and Rocket Scientists gets the job done.


From one BFF to another, this Things I Almost Got You card from Able and Game.

Travel + Leisure Mention

So this is pretty cool– in the midst of holiday craziness back in December, I failed to notice (as in I only Google my business name for press late a night when I can’t sleep every couple months) that I was name checked in an article in Travel + Leisure magazine. Pretty cool!

Schmancy Toys in Seattle was featured in an article on “World’s Greatest Toy Stores” and my Johnny Cash and Steve Marting puppets are mentioned among the other super cool things Kristen carries over there. Nothing like a little press feature to make a gal smile in the middle of her mindless internet searching!

Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns is one of the things that magazines are always telling you to do. There aren’t very many of us that actually give it a try– for myself it usually happens when I’ve picked my outfit out in the dark before the sun came up, or when a crazy thrifted blanket gets forgotten in the living room. Oh yeah, I totally meant to make that perfectly mismatched statement. Sure I did. New Year’s Resolution: more mixing, less matching. Here’s my inspiration:

Vintage Matchbooks

We drove out to Uncle Mikey’s in West Chicago the other weekend after seeing the delightful assortment of vintage odds and ends they’re always posting to Facebook. It was definitely worth the trip, and left to my own devices I probably would’ve come home with a lot more furniture than our car could actually hold (okay, so I wouldn’t necessarily actually made it home, with that the case, but would’ve tried in vain), we did find a number of other, smaller, vintage treasures.

The one I had to share was this collection of mid-century matchbooks. They were part of a much larger collection that I took a long time sifting through. I tried to keep my take-home reasonable, but it was so tough to narrow down the field with so many amazing designs to choose from. I settled on the classic Vegas casino books, and also ones from my homestate of Indiana. There are so many typefaces and decorative elements to discover in the designs, it’s amazing to think about how much effort went into designing these simple little giveaway items.

Kristina Micotti

I’ve written about pattern and texture a few times this month recently, so keeping with that theme I present the work of illustrator Kristina Micotti. Her work is full of sketchy energy and intricate details ranging from sketchy pencils to bright, flat colors dropped in with Photoshop and wavering, hand-drawn lines. And red– she seems to like a lot of red. See for yourself:

See more of her work here.

Omar on The Onion

One of my Omar bibs made a cameo in a video on The Onion recently. A customer, Kyle, let me know the other day that his daughter wears her Omar bib (bought back in 2012 and still looking great!) in her appearance in the video “Rising Number of Weak, Emasculated Men Working as Stay-at-Home Dads.” The clip is part of The Onion’s series of fake news spots and Kyle appears as a “Pansy” dad along with his daughter. I dunno, though, any dad putting his kid in Omar can’t be too much of a wuss, right?

Thanks to Kyle for the shout out to Omar, and to me!

Queer Threads

Listen, you guys, I love Chicago. But occasionally there are moments where all I can think is, “Wouldn’t it be great if I lived in New York right now?” I wrote an article recently about the Queer Threads exhibition at Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, and as I was putting together the post I couldn’t help feeling jealous of all the too-cool New Yorkers who could go to see the show, and poor old me here in the Midwest too far away to see it. Boo hoo, amiright?

Ah, well, I’ll survive on pictures, because Queer Threads looks like a bang up show. The pieces explore GLBTQ experiences through thread-based craft and not only is the work featured completely gorgeous, I love that the premise brings together two outsider groups– queer communities and textile handicrafts. It proves that this stuff is asking just as many artistically and culturally important questions as any straight white dude’s landscape painting.

Chiachio & Giannone, “Familia Guaraní,”

I’m a sucker for craft, of course, and I love the feminist implications of elevating these “womanly” disciplines that were traditionally only done in private and never viewed as worth taking seriously. And besides that, the pieces in this show are also just plain fun– colorful, clever and funny while still critiquing culture and subculture in thoughtful ways.

L.J. Roberts, The Queer Houses of Brooklyn

Nathan Vincent, “Locker Room”

Aubrey Longley-Cook with 34 community participants, “RuPaul Cross Stitch Animation Workshop – Front View,”

Queer Threads is on display in NYC (sigh.) through March 16.