C is for Cookie

I don’t cook. It’s a known fact in our house that if you need me to make dinner, prepare to eat cheese and crackers as your evening meal. That said, give me a lazy Sunday afternoon and suddenly I’m a baking and food-processing machine. Rarely are my concoctions very practical (unless you want a meal of chia seed pudding and green smoothies) but still, they’re generally pretty tasty.

Given that propensity for weekend baking, I’m totally into these fun, modern cookie cutters from Printmeneer.Every other household good seemd to have has gotten a modern makeover  in the last decade, so it was definitely time for cookie cutters to follow suite, don’t you think? Also, gotta love clever uses for a 3-D printer. Way better than all the alarmist news reports about those things. Futura cookies for the win!

Get your modern cookie on here.

Indieana Handicraft Exchange this Weekend

Hey, Indiana peeps! I’ll be setting up shop this Saturday at the Indieana Handicraft Exchange in Indianapolis.

10177978_10152371768360011_5001223748658619148_nIn honor of this annual Hoosier homecoming, I’ve whipped up a couple of brand new, Indiana-specific puppets that’ll be available only at the show. Get excited!

First off, anyone within 100 miles of a Big Ten school from the past 20 years should be able to guess this first one:IMG_9521_1
That right! Mr. Bob Knight himself is not available in finger puppet form. Though he’s not an official Indiana native, he will be forever a Hoosier in many of our hearts.

Also debuting this weekend is a design I’ve been reworking for a number of years– Gary, Indiana’s own Little Michael Jackson!Pretty groovy, eh? Gotta love a guy in purple fringe.

I’ll have some of the Kurt Vonnegut puppets that are carried by Homespun in Indy and if I can get my act together in the next few days, may have an additional design or two as well.

Otherwise I’ve got just about everything ready to go, including animal and monster puppets, buttons, bibs, burp clothes and other finger puppets.

Hope to see you at the show!

Potholes Turned Art

To say that Chicagoans are glad that it’s finally summer is, well, a massive understatement. Though I’m of the opinion that listening to people complain about the cold is occasionally worse that actually being out in it, I have to admit that this year just about did me in. That is to say, I found myself complaining along with them. A bit. And rejoicing at the first sign of spring.

No surprise, the slog of a winter wreaked havoc on Chicago’s streets. Just about everyone I know has a new epic flat tire story from bike riding and car driving in the past six months. But, lest we devolve into complaining about the conditions of the streets now as a replacement for that weather bellyaching, artist Jim Bachor has created a clever response to Chicago’s pockmarked streets. Bachor is a mosaic artist who’s has been filling Chicago potholes with cheeky and clever tile installations. According to his bio, Bachor creates “mosaics that speak of
modern things in an ancient voice,” and while some of his pieces are straightforward in simply labeling the potholes for what they are, others give the hole a unique identification number and one reads out the number to a local repair shop. Bachor’s work is meant as a a bit of good-natured ribbing to the city rather than an actual complaint. And you gotta admit, it’s a pretty good looking solution.

via Colossal

Dear Old Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner so in honor of all the great pops/grandpops/ uncles/ brothers/all around awesome dudes, I’m having a sale!Head on over to my shop and get 25% off your order with the coupon code “DEAROLDDAD.” There’s a finger puppet for dads of all types– the one who taught you to mix a cocktail, tell a good joke or play the banjo. Plus, if you check out my Instagram, there’s a chance to get free shipping to boot! Pretty swell, eh?

The sales ends on Wednesday so don’t dawdle– as Dad would say, the early bird gets the worm!

Buzzfeed Feature!

I found out last night that my Don Draper puppet was featured on Buzzfeed yesterday. We haven’t caught up on this week’s episode, but luckily there are no spoilers ; )

A friend noticed, but I later got an email from Etsy about the listing getting a lot of traffic– that’s a new feature, eh? Anyway, if you’re looking for the #4 best thing to get a Mad Men superfan, I’ve gotcha covered.

Now what do you think– time to break out Peggy and Joan designs again? Everyone knows those two are way better than Don anyway.

Desktop15Check out the full Buzzfeed feature (“Not great, Bob!”) here.


Prep Work

My first show of the year is coming up in a few weeks, so studio time is now all about prep and getting things ready. Now that shows are fewer and farther between, sometimes I forget how much work goes into getting ready. Like this time, I totally spaced how close the event was up until a week ago. Whoops!

Most of the year I’m concentrating on the pop culture character puppets, but for craft fairs I like to offer the simpler animal and monsters, too. They’re less expensive and kids, obviously, totally dig them. Many a kiddo has shown up at my table eyeing a puppet monkey and not sure how much change she’ll get back from her $10 allowance money.

May Studio

Though I say it every year, I’m also planning on debuting a couple of event-specific designs for Handicraft Exchange. Here’s a sneak peek that probably means nothing right now, but will eventually be familiar to any Hoosier worth her stuff.

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 2.33.45 PM Though it looks like Annie, it totally isn’t, I promise. Stay tuned ; )