Mad Love For Ruth Bader Ginsberg

It’s about time that Ruth Bader Ginsberg got the attention she deserves, and I’m glad to see her trending all over the internet this week. Of course, it would be way better if she’d be so talked about for writing the majority opinion on a Supreme Court ruling that actually treated women as, you know, people. But in the interim, at least folks are actually having a discussion about health care access and reproductive choice, and her excellent and important minority opinion is getting out there.

Oh, and should you like to share the RBG love, I suggest this set of greeting cards by Alisa Bobzien, all profits from which are being donated to Planned Parenthood through July 7. Heck yeah!

P.S. This post about RGB & mansplaining is worth a gander, too.


Death and Flowers

I love this series of paintings from Romanian artist, Aitch. From a show entitled “Coffins” at La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, her work turns what could’ve been a bleak topic into something dynamic and full of transformation. Especially this time of year when everything is in full bloom outdoors, these paintings are a beautiful reminder that death can be looked at as part of a larger cycle of renewal, not necessarily an end.

via Behance.

Stuff I Love Right Now

1. True Detective

It’s true that I have very little tolerance for “man” entertainment. A bunch of men talking to other men about men things, it just doesn’t interest me (See Betchdel test). And I have even less patience for the cult of cop shows built around women’s suffering. That said, I found myself totally enamoured with True Detectie. Probably because the actual police case was so secondary to the plot– I just wanted to watch those two guys talk for hours. It’s rare that characters that complex and fully-realized come on screen, man, woman or otherwise. I vote for more of that (and though I did read that Jessica Chastain will not be in season two, here’s hoping for some ladies on rescuer side of the badge this time).

2. My friend Jaime’s work in progress photos

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 8.27.56 PM

I’ve written about my friend Jaime Rovenstine‘s work before. Her painting output never ceases to amaze me, and lately I’ve been totally inspired by the work-in-progress shots she’s been posting on Instagram. While it’s nearly always impossible to really explain how it is that a person makes a piece of art, it’s sure if fascinating to watch the process unfold in front of you.

3. Tile floors

These days my Pinterest feed seems to be full of people posting dreamy tile floors. And there’s nothing better than cool ceramic under your feet on a hot day. Not that we have any tile in our house (no, we get nearly wall-to-wall poo brown vinyl) but a gal can dream.

4. Watermelon Juice

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 8.51.16 PM

I am currently obsessed with drinking watermelon. There are recipes out there for watermelon agua fresca with, you know, ingredients. Me, I just blend up a whole watermelon, pour into a pitcher and drink all week. For the kiddo I add some chia seeds to thicken it (means he’s drink it more slowly and spill less, plus nutrition). And you can spike it with ginger ale or vodka in the evening. Totally perfect summer beverage.

Thank you, Indianapolis!

Big thanks to everybody who came out to last weekend’s Indieana Handicraft Exchange! Since I haven’t been doing as many fairs lately, I forget how fun it is to be out and see people’s reactions to my work, not to mention chat with fellow makers off-line for once!

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 7.54.37 PM

Most trips back home to Indiana I’m in and out so quick I feel like I don’t really get to do a whole lot, but I took a few extra days this time around to relax and see more folks that usual. I filled up my time with picnics, thrifting, a visit to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the best little ice cream stand in Greenwood, visiting on patios, fresh strawberry jam and dog time, not to mention finishing “The Fault in Our Stars” while I was there (appropriate since it’s based in Indy. Also, a total cry-fest.)

Looking forward, as always, to my next trip south to the Hoosier state!



C is for Cookie

I don’t cook. It’s a known fact in our house that if you need me to make dinner, prepare to eat cheese and crackers as your evening meal. That said, give me a lazy Sunday afternoon and suddenly I’m a baking and food-processing machine. Rarely are my concoctions very practical (unless you want a meal of chia seed pudding and green smoothies) but still, they’re generally pretty tasty.

Given that propensity for weekend baking, I’m totally into these fun, modern cookie cutters from Printmeneer.Every other household good seemd to have has gotten a modern makeover  in the last decade, so it was definitely time for cookie cutters to follow suite, don’t you think? Also, gotta love clever uses for a 3-D printer. Way better than all the alarmist news reports about those things. Futura cookies for the win!

Get your modern cookie on here.

Indieana Handicraft Exchange this Weekend

Hey, Indiana peeps! I’ll be setting up shop this Saturday at the Indieana Handicraft Exchange in Indianapolis.

10177978_10152371768360011_5001223748658619148_nIn honor of this annual Hoosier homecoming, I’ve whipped up a couple of brand new, Indiana-specific puppets that’ll be available only at the show. Get excited!

First off, anyone within 100 miles of a Big Ten school from the past 20 years should be able to guess this first one:IMG_9521_1
That right! Mr. Bob Knight himself is not available in finger puppet form. Though he’s not an official Indiana native, he will be forever a Hoosier in many of our hearts.

Also debuting this weekend is a design I’ve been reworking for a number of years– Gary, Indiana’s own Little Michael Jackson!Pretty groovy, eh? Gotta love a guy in purple fringe.

I’ll have some of the Kurt Vonnegut puppets that are carried by Homespun in Indy and if I can get my act together in the next few days, may have an additional design or two as well.

Otherwise I’ve got just about everything ready to go, including animal and monster puppets, buttons, bibs, burp clothes and other finger puppets.

Hope to see you at the show!