My Indieana Home

Indieana1My summer class is kicking my butt and I haven’t had nearly enough time for crafting over the past two weeks. Luckily it’ll be over over soon (midterms monday!) and my second summer class will (hopefully) be less intensive. In the meantime, I’ve been gearing up for the Indieana Handicraft Exchange happening the week after next, June 13 in Indianapolis. I’m so excited for the excuse to make a quick trip home– when I did the show last fall so many long-lost friends stopped by, it was wonderful. Oh, and also it’s a great show in it’s own right– really well organized, great location, lots of awesome perks for us vendors and a great array of handmade goodies to check out. I can’t wait to do it all over again! If you’re in the Circle City area, put it on your calendar!

Also, this is the promo video they made from last fall’s show, featuring me, trying to fake calm while answering a question asked by a person holding a camera : )

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