So I realized I’ve definitely been neglecting the new stuff I’ve been working on– Here I am weeks out and haven’t even mentioned them in a blog! I’ve been working on lots of new stuff to stick on your shirt and look cool, and they deserve a better shout out, so here goes:

Dear Blog Readers,

I’ve been making lots of new brooches and pins recently!

I mentioned these a little a couple weeks back, but they’re just so fun that I thought I should write a little more about my brand new collection of Felt Tattoo Brooches. Each one is modeled after an old-school tattoo design including the traditional heart and banner, anchor, skull and crossbones and, of course, a swallow. The hearts are soft little stuffies and the others use a new technique I’ve been working on that combines multiple layers of flat felt to make a brooch that’s still soft and a little flexible, but sturdy enough to hold its shape and not get beat up by everyday wear. I’m totally loving these right now (though I’m almost out already! Gotta make some more this weekend!)

These cuties are some Animal Face Brooches I’ve been experimenting with. They’re made with that same flat layer technique, plus some embroidered and applique details. I’m loving the simplicity of them (and that that Boston Terrier’s eyes go in two slightly different directions…hehe).

Aaaaand finally, I couldn’t let this blog go by without noting the awesome new 1″ buttons I had made up featuring two of my most popular puppets, Ira Glass and Steve Zissou.  I used Busy Beaver Button Company for them and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. And, if they turn out, I hope to be able to print more characters in the future.

It’s a new day over here for abbeychristine– I’ve got swag! ; )


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