Back to School

When I went to Target the other day, I found glue sticks on sale for a ridiculously low price, which can only mean one thing: it’s back-to-school time! When I was a kid, nothing made me happier than shiny new art, er, I mean, school supplies and picking out which new shirt  to wear on the first day. Here are my Etsy picks for awesome Back-to-School goodies for students and graduates alike:

1. This awesome USA Map Necklace from Il Gatto Selvatico would be just the thing to make that “look how cool I got over the summer” statement, and maybe help on a Geography quiz.

2. Did you mom ever pack you soup in your lunchbox thermos? Mine did, which for some reason always made me feel super uncool. Had I one of Vintage Thermoses from Passed By, though, and I’m pretty sure I would’ve been Queen of the Lunchroom.

3. Nothing like new school clothes to make that transition from summer to fall a little less sad. For this year’s fall wardrobe, I really feel like I need more wool plaid in my life. Like, for instance, this Vintage Garland Wool Skirt from Plaid Pony.

4. Pinestreet Makery’s adorable cards and prints were one of my favorite finds from this year’s Indieana Handicraft Exchange. These Mad Scientist Microscope Cards remind me of all that as good about Bio class, without having to study for tests.

5. While I’ve never been a big fan of disposable lunch bags, this set of Fun Bird Snack Sacks from Bee Things makes me want to come up with lots of uses that wouldn’t involve throwing them away at the end of the period. I mean, how could you?!

6. A scarf shaped like a pencil– could there be anything cuter? This Lambswool Scarf from Sara Carr would be just the thing for looking cute and studious.

7. As much as I look forward to a blank spiral-bound, college ruled notebook at the start of the semester,  there’s something so fun about smaller pads for taking notes in class. I’m loving this Vintage Stenographer’s Notebook from Dot Dot Dot Shop. Perfect for channeling my inner-Mad Men secretary (“Good morning, Mr. Draper, would you like some coffee?”)

8. And finally, speaking of Mad Men, I can totally see Peggy or one of the other working gals wearing this lovely Vintage Burgandy Wool Coat from Diana Dwain. Just look at that piping! I’m pretty sure I’d wear it everyday till March.

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