Beginning of the End

So today marks the first day of my last semester of college. It’s been a long, long road to get here– 10 years, four colleges and countless transcript requests and financial aid headaches. My high school reunion was this summer and many of my friend have since completed their Master’s Degrees while I’m still plugging along on this Bachelors. I have to say that in all these years I’ve never failed a class, and I’ll graduate with just the exact number of credits needed– very few transfer credits will be wasted (well, except for that Self Defense class from Antioch, where I would’ve had to have PE credits to graduate), which seems like a triumph in itself. I will say that in all this I’ve learned that you should go with your first instinct (I knew i wouldn’t be happy at a big state school, which is why I didn’t got to Indiana University to begin with, and why I don’t love UIC) but also remember that money does matter (I loved Columbia College, but the debt from just one year there is going to be with me for the next 20 years or so). All the time I wasn’t in school I was working mostly jobs that I am still very proud of– my year in AmeriCorps, facilitating workshops for youth as diverse as international students from a war zone to kids locked up in the Juvenile Detention Center, worked at three children’s museums, winning grant funding to deliver arts programs I created, and, you know, starting my own business!

I’m not really sure how much having that degree in hand in December will really change my life or my job prospects, but it’ll be nice to not have finishing college hanging over my head anymore. And how much of my future will involve growing my business versus putting that Sociology major to work (really, though, what do you do with a Sociology degree??) but I guess I’ve still got four months to figure that out. Wish me luck, blog-friends : )

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