Today’s Secret Word Is: Manicure!

This is completely amazing. I am speechless.

So the creator of the blog The Daily Nail is doing a 365 manicure project (which, regardless of how cool her nails are, is astounding to me just based on her level of commitment, considering I’m having an extra girly year if I’ve painted my nails twice.) Anyway, she was apparently inspired by Pee Wee today and I have to say, she’s done some seriously amazing work. The Penny is definitely my pick (Penny cartoons were always my fav part of the show), but they’re all so great– Pee Wee’s iconic tuxedo, Globey’s expression, Chairy (who’s like perfectly shaped for a nail, right?!), so brilliant. The only one I miss is Randy the mean marionette guy, I always liked him, too.

Haha, I just realized this is my second Pee Wee post in less than a week. I’ve got him on the brain recently, I guess.

Via Pee Wee’s Facebook (heck yes I follow Pee Wee on Facebook) and The Daily Nail

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