Thinking About Craft Fair Displays

As I round the homestretch of production overdrive for Renegade Chicago in a couple weeks, my mind has turned toward display items for my booth. I know, I know, I should’ve been thinking about stuff like this months ago, but somehow I can only ever get motivated about my display in the last few weeks before a fair. Ben has promised to make me a new puppet display, which we’ve been talking about and sketching  (and, yes, arguing about) for a few months now. I have too many puppet designs now to fit on my old stand-up display so I’m dreaming of something that rotates. Seeing as how neither of us are especially handy, it’ll be interesting to see how the final product turns out.

And, all this talk of a new puppet display has me thinking a lot of fair displays in general. I’ve also been considering ways to bring color and interest to the outside of the tent, not just the stuff inside. I’m always amazed at the cool signage people have at fairs and the  amount of time and talent they’ve put into it. I’m thinking about making a fabric bunting banner to hang outside the tent (who doesn’t love bunting??).

16 Sparrow’s signage/bunting in this pic is totally adorable, but I learned early on that “abbeychristine” is too long and hard to read when it’s split up into individual letters. I’d spend the whole day answering the question “What does that say?” It certainly works for them though!

I’m also totally in love with these photos from Nice’s booth at Renegade last year. I mean, obviously, Caitlin makes these banners to sell, but seeing them all lined up together like that, you can’t help but be drawn into her booth. Love!

And speaking of more display thoughts–

I’m really into the shutter display that Miniature Rhino is using in this photo. I think that people neglect vertical space a lot at craft fairs– you want to lay things out on tabletops for people to see once they’re inside your booth, but you can’t neglect the the people outside your tent who will only see things that are hanging up in some way.

I also really love this photo of Cursive Design‘s booth– the added pop of color from the yellow sheets is so wonderful, and the lanterns at the top make it look more like a room than just a tent set up in the middle of the street.

This photo of Prix-Prix‘s signage totally speaks to a pet peeve of mine that shows up at craft fairs sometimes…actually the photo is the opposite of the peeve– I think it’s stupid to have to hunt for (or worse, ask) to find out the price of things for sale at a craft fair. I know some people don’t feel comfortable with a super prominent price on their work, that its tacky or something, but I feel like it’s a little disingenuous to pretend that you’re not there selling your stuff, you know? And if you want someone to buy something, chances are they’re going to want to know how much you’re charging!

At any rate, the next two weeks are going to entail lots of brainstorming and designing and creating all the new things I’ve been thinking about. I’ll be honest that most of them probably won’t get done, but a new thing here are there is always fun. I do have one big (and slightly secret… and slighty crazy) idea I’m thinking about debuting at the fair, but I’ll wait and see if it actually happens before telling you all about it : )


3 thoughts on “Thinking About Craft Fair Displays

  1. Couple ideas, Abbs…instead of shutters, use screens (the metal kind) for vertical space, or cover a vertical surface with felt and put Velcro on the back so everything sticks where you want it to. Good luck!

  2. Totally looking forward to your booth – believe me, anything has to be better than the potting table with hanging rods I used to use to sell my potholders. I thought it was cool til other people stop using card tables. Then it was boring.

    Mostly look forward to the top secret idea. Thinking maybe it’s a life-sized felt dragon.

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