Thrift Score

I moved into my current apartment a little over two years ago and, after having crammed my life into a tiny under-the-stairs bedroom for the previous year and a half, it was a wonderful feeling to finally have a space I could really live in again. I had a good six months in heavy duty nesting mode– painting walls, hanging pictures, and, probably most of all, thrifting. I spent many a “Half-price Monday” searching out treasures, but when the apartment finally felt like it had come together, I had to face the realization that the weekly trip to the thrift store wasn’t such a good idea anymore. It was a bit of a tough transition (just imaging all the vintage Pyrex that might be sitting unloved on the shelves waiting for a good home!) but I made it through.

This weekend, after a long couple days of homework, I rewarded myself with a quick trip to my favorite thrifting spot on Sunday afternoon. I can almost always find something that needs to come home with me there, and this visit was no exception.

Don’t you love it? This beautiful vintage tea towel set me back a whole 98 cents [as you can see from the tag I forgot to remove for the picture : ) ] Not sure if I should hang it up on display somewhere– it doesn’t really match anything except the bedroom, but it would be weird to hang a towel in the bedroom, right? Maybe I’ll just have to use it for (gasp!) its actual purpose when I wash the dishes!

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