Rah, Rah, Renegade!

Oh hey, did I forgot to mention that Renegade Craft Fair Chicago is happening this weekend????

Oh. Right. I’ve mentioned it like twenty times already? Haha, my bad. : )

So anyway, Saturday and Sunday, 11-7 on Division street from Damen to Paulina. Myself and the multi-talented Queen of Awesome Jessie of Cakespy have joined forces once again for the official Cutest Booth on the Planet. We’ll be in number 23, on the south side of Division, in the first block of tents just east of the Damen entrance.

Seriously, felt and cake– does it get any better?!

(that’s us in purple. Corner booth– score!)

I am super excited– this will be my third summer Renegade fair. The weather’s looking pretty good (scattered early morning thunderstorms I can handle, just so long as it’s not torrential downpours.) and I can’t wait to hang out, sell stuff and see all my favorite crafty peeps!

Soooo– come say hello, buy crafts, support independent businesses + the local economy, get some fresh air, see and be seen, etc etc etc. Oh, and more details here.

P.S. Over at Domestica’s blog, Chrissy’s got a collection of some of the best vendors that’ll be at the fair. Just scrolling down made me even more excited : )


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