Decorating Dilemma

So, this is a photo I took last summer of my bedroom (looking not so amazing, I’ll admit. Please ignore the crazy rainbow pillowcase).

Behind our bed hangs a patchwork curtain made for an installation I did a few years back. It was lovely hanging in the building where it was installed– it caught the light really beautifully and made for a really interesting space divider.

After the show ended, I hated the thought of just getting rid of it and a few months later, when we moved into our current apartment, I decided to paint a dark chocolate brown behind our bed, to contrast, and hang the curtain across the entire wall.

Its an unusual piece, for sure, but it’s proven to be a bit of a decorating challenge. I’ve been trying to figure out for months what, if anything, we could hang above the bed that would add some interest and color, but not look terrible against the pretty busy background of fabric panels. I’ve considered one long, horizontal frame–

And also maybe a collection of a couple square frames–

Due to some potentially exciting (but currently top secret) developments, I’m trying to get the apartment into tip top shape, and this whole above-the-bed conundrum is back in my head lately. I feel like whatever I put there would have to have a wide matte, in order to offset the busy background, but what to frame– Prints? Photos? Black and white? Color? And one long or three smaller frames? I’m torn.

I’m aware that this is a completely self-indulgent and probably somewhat banal post, but if you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear my brilliant and savvy blog-reader’s opinions. Thanks, design crew. : )

Update: I showed my awesome photoshopped “sketches” to Ben last night and we’re thinking we might do something with cyanotype fabric— sunprints! I’m a sucker for that blue. We’ll see how it goes… Still opens to ideas though, of course!

2 thoughts on “Decorating Dilemma

  1. Yep, seems like you’re on the right track. Wide frames, maybe in that dark brown color sound nice. Your idea of cyanotype prints is great. I would love to see it be something that means something to you. You and ben have so many cool interests, I know you’d find some sweet objects to make prints with. (o: My vote would be for one big thing rather than small ones you can’t make out from across the room, but I’m not 100% on that one.

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