Look, Rick, I’m in an old people parade!

Amy Poehler is kind of my hero.

The thought of her back on SNL tonight makes me very happy, as does this classic clip of her as Kaitlin (I can say that after this many years working with kids, this is about as spot-on an impression of a 10 year old as you’re ever gonna find.)

I love how fearless a comedian she is. How willing she is to be gross (as the farting model with one leg), ridiculous (remember her hot mess Christian Siriano?), smart (when her Hilary met the real Hilary? Pure gold.), and how her Parks + Rec character Leslie Knope is kind of an actual professional woman role model (when do you ever see those on TV?). I really love her relationship with Rashida Jones’ character Ann on Parks + Rec, and combined with all the press that her real-life friendship with Tina Fey gets– its really refreshing to see two women friends (fictional and real life) who aren’t painted as catty and competitive, but just, you know, awesome. She’s got this amazing blend of subtle yet biting feminism that I think is more influential that many people realize.

Seriously, who says that women aren’t funny? Idiots, that’s who.

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