Vintage Reindeer

Christmas comes early for crafters. Way before the first snow falls, before the leaves change, heck, before the shorts and sandals get put away, us crafters have gotta be thinking about our holiday preparations. Now personally, I never really start getting ready as early as I should and at the end of every December I vow that I’ll be more prepared the next time around. This year I started holiday prep (or at least holiday prep planning) last month, which is probably my best start ever, and being immersed in all things Christmas-y has got me thinking of not just my own holiday designs, but my own holiday decorations. Not necessarily productive, but definitely fun : )

For a few years now I’ve been dreaming of starting a collection of vintage plastic reindeer, the kind that look a little like Rudolph from the 1960’s Christmas special, the kind that everyone’s Grandma probably had on her mantle in 1972. What can I say– I love Grandma decor! I’ve vowed that I won’t start another collection until we’re finished with our house-hunting adventure (whether that means giving up, or finally buying a place), but till then, a girl can dream right? Here are some faves I found online–

Sources, clockwise from top left: Reindeer Group from Ismoyo, Vintage Plastic Reindeer from OldGrowth, Vintage Red Japanese Reindeer from Vintage Goodies, Celluloid Glitter Reindeer from efinegifts, 1940’s Wax Reindeer from Bubblepipe, Celluloid Reindeer from efinegifts

Also, check out this amazing collection of reindeer. I’m totally drooling.

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