So first it was owls– owl plushies, owl tshirts, owl necklaces, owl everything. And then deer seemed to be the next big thing. Now it seems like foxes are the “it” animal of the moment for indie designers– every time I log into etsy lately there seems to be a fox treasury on the front page, plus fox shirts, pins and fake knitted stoles showing up everywhere.

But foxes, like every other suddenly hip animal, are bound to fade at some point. So my prediction for the Next Big Animal? I’m thinking squirrels. What do you think?

Personally, I’ve always had a hard time drawing squirrels, so don’t expect them to show up in my work too much. But these artists seem to have ’em down pat. Here are some of my faves–

Woodland Squirrel Bookend from Graphic Spaces Wood

Formal Squirrel Tee from Mis Nopales Art

Camping Squirrel Letterpress Print from Yee Haw

Squirrel Ornament from Too Many Suitors

Squirrel Love Stamp Set from Tricia Tharp

Little Squirrel Painting from Pooping Rabbit

Tweed Woodland Squirrels from Sleepy King


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