This morning has been a little “bleh” so far. The dog is sick. I’m home waiting for construction dudes to come finish our front windows (the building has been under construction for a couple weeks now). The internet is being finicky and I’m mildy headachey. So what’s a girl to do to cheer herself up? Well, this morning it’s Eef Barzelay’s voice that’s helping me along. I downloaded Clem Snide’s newest album “The Meat of Life” and though I’d somehow forgotten how great that band can make me feel, its all coming back to me now (cue Celine).

Need some cheering on your own bleh Wednesday? Check out this video of Eef singing a lovely version of Journey’s “Faithfully” from the AV Club’s Undercover series. The voice, the uke, and the special little surprise at the end– I promise, it’ll make any day better.

(Crap. Can’t seem to get the video to embed right now, so here’s the link. Not as tempting the fancy box to watch it in being right here, but go ahead and click anyway. You’ll like it. I promise.)

Here, I got you a screen capture to make up for it:

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