Mark Your Calendars

Hello friends! Holiday craziness is getting, well, crazy around here, so before I start to neglect the blog completely, I thought I’d give you a quick heads up about a few extra-special December events that are coming up, especially for those of you in the Southern New England, north-central Georgia or Chicagoland region–

First off, the always-wonderful Craftland will kick off the 9th annual Holiday Show (Nine! I can hardly believe it! This will be my 5th year participating, which is also hard for me to believe!) next Friday, November 26 in down-city Providence, with a fancy opening party on December 2nd. They show portion runs through December 31st, so if you’re a New Englander, definitely check them out. I mean, check them out in the shop all year, but especially check out all the special holiday wonder they’ve got in store.

My work will be also be making its below the Mason-Dixon line debut this holiday season at the Indie Craft Experience Pop-Up Shop in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m super excited to be involved with them, and wish I was closer to check it out! Maybe a trip Snowbird trip south is in order…

And finally, I’ll be vending my heart out at the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale here in Chicago on December 4th and 5th. I wasn’t able to do the holiday  show last year, so I’m really excited to be back in the lovely Pulaski Park Fieldhouse and peddle some felt holiday cheer. I’ll have some special limited edition holiday goodies and maybe, just maybe, a couple of brand new 2011 puppet designs available. More to come on that show when it gets a little closer…

I’ve still got room to take one, maybe two, more custom holiday orders, so if that’s something you’ve been considering, get in touch with me! And, as always, my etsy shop is open for business, as are all the other lovely shops that carry my (and other ahhhhmazing artists’) work in Des Moines, Seattle, Yellow Springs, the Windy City, Indianapolis, Philly, Seattle (again!) or Columbus.

Alright, folks– 38 days till Christmas, 16 till Hanukkah, 39 till Kwanza, and, just in case you were wondering, 29 days till my birthday. So get going!!

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