Sweater Love

It has officially become sweater weather around these parts. And though I never need an excuse to wear a cardigan (every single day), today I pulled out my first official “real” sweater to ward off the November chill. I guess we were spoiled with a lovely autumn long enough in Chicago and it’s time to face the fact that it’s only gonna get colder from here.

And speaking of sweaters, I am totally smitten with a series of photos taken by Jena of Modish for a spread she had in Papercut magazine. Though I’m not sure I really buy that Portlanders ever need to bundle up (it’s always like 60 degrees there, right?), Jena says she’s a bit of a sweater addict. I’ve gotta say, though, that if your addiction includes mustard yellow cable knit, vintage 4-H clovers and black and lime roses, well, it can’t be too bad for you.

See the Papercut spread here, and her post about it on Modish.

2 thoughts on “Sweater Love

  1. aww, thanks for the great post! And it sure does get cold here in portland! It’s a high of 38 today and when it’s wet all the time, the cold just sinks into your bones. Brrrr!! 🙂

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