The Smallest Business of Them All

There’s a fun little post about my stuff over at Mommy Shorts. This blog has been really awesome about featuring my stuff over the past couple months, including my Omar Bib and the pet portrait puppets, and now a write-up about the whole shop!

And I love the title of the post: “Obscure Finger Puppet Maker: The Smallest Business of Them All.” I assume that it’s the finger puppets I’m making that are obscure, not me. Then again, maybe I am a little obscure, but I like it that way 🙂 And I love “the smallest business in the world” part, though right now, with crafting taking up nearly every waking moment, a disaster area for a studio and a giant post office run to do as soon as I finish writing this post, it makes me wonder how tiny little puppets can come to feel so dang big!


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