Renegade Holiday Wrap-Up

I know, I know. I’m a little behind posting anything about Renegade. Its took me most of the week to even upload my photos from last weekend’s Holiday Fair, let alone collect my thoughts enough to write about it. But, at long last, here it is: my Renegade Holiday Wrap-Up!

Here I am smiling like a cheeseball behind the booth. I loved getting the silver tree out again, and the new spinning rack that we debuted this summer was awesome at showing off the puppets and gathering a crowd ; ) (Totally unrelated to crafting: I don’t know when my hair got so LONG!)

A shot of the Felt Tattoo display.

The previously mentioned awesome silver tinsel tree, covered in felt ornaments. The Illinois ones went so fast I sold out the first day and had to whip up some more on Saturday night!

A shot of my Ralphie puppet under the tree, along with the Women of Mad Men ornaments shining in the sun.

Overall the weekend was wonderful. I loved people coming up to the booth and telling me that they’d seen my work at other fairs or bought it in the store– its so flattering! Ben and I were both able to get some Christmas shopping done for the fam (a gorgeous mug from Maker & Maker, Leah Duncan tea towel and lamp from Kirkature) and I even bought myself a little “Good job making it through the craziness” present (a lovely Dores necklace) and we found some really beautiful prints from Three Sheets 2 the Wind. So the buying part was certainly successful : )

Thanks to all those who came out to the fair! Here’s to next year!


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