Holiday Customs

I wanted to share two of my favorite holiday custom orders that were completed for customers in the last few days. Custom orders always present unique challenges, and are often the projects that end up being the most interesting, and the ones I’m most proud of.

The first order was a family of puppets– always so fun!– for a family of Texans. Mom with her beagle, Dad the pharmacist, the customer, Kari, an artsy New Yorker, her sister the teacher and sister’s fiance, the Cowboys fan, and their cousin with a love of martinis. Aren’t they the cutest family?!

The other holiday challenge I tackled was this set of puppets inspired by The Thin Man series, black and white movies from the 30s. As I spoke with the customer about how to portray the characters the most recognizably, I decided that instead of trying to come up with real colors based on old black and white photos, it might be fun to simply make the puppets themselves in shades of black, white and gray. I wasn’t sure at first if the limited colors would make sense or not, but I think they ended up looking really great.

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