Paper Dolls + Paper Puppets

I’ll be honest– the only paper dolls I played with as a kid were one of the historical ones you get in souvenir shops, one of the Abe Lincoln, Mary Todd + sons and another that was a generic Civil War era family, both of which I’m pretty sure we got on our family trip to Gettysburg. I know, I know, I was the geekiest kid you could ever meet, but I loved those sets. I used tiny manicure scissors to cut out all the details on Mary Todd’s dresses (one of them was her black mourning dress for funerals for her son and husband, I kid you not) and all the lacy accessories the other lady came with.

The plethora of amazing paper dolls and paper puppets available on Etsy these days, though, no kid has to recreate the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation with a tiny paper Lincoln… that is, unless they want to : ) Below are some of my favorite paper doll and paper puppet picks, and not a hoop skirt to be found.

Sweet atlas-reading cat from the always brilliant The Pin Pals.

Hip and dapper movable paper dolls from Hollandsworth.

Ziggy Stardust paper doll from the genius Little Grey Goose.

Beautiful Make a Squirrel card from Karolin Schnoor. Via Designsponge.

Wonderfully quirky wolf + bear puppets from Furze Chan. (The babboon, wallaby and sheep are equally great).

Emily Dickinson finger puppet from Dear Deer Designs.

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