Valentine’s Food Passport

File this under: Super Cute Ideas I Wish I’d Been Smart Enough to Think Of.

Sara over at The Spotted Fox featured this sweet (and easy!) Valentine’s Day gift idea, a Food Passport. It works like this– inside are individual pages feature a bunch of restaurants you’ve been meaning to check out, so that on a night when you’d like to hit the town, you can eliminate the soul-crushing “Where do you want to go?” “I dunno, where do you want to go?” conversation. For me, those inevitably ends up with us going to that taqueria down the street… again. And though of course old-standbys are great (that’s why they’re standbys!), I love that this idea encourages trying new things and making date nights into mini-adventures.

Plus, Sara’s book also includes those little boxes at under each restaurant where they can rate how awesome (or not awesome) the experience was. It becomes like an eating-out scrapbook!

Check out the whole post, with lots more cute photos, here!

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Food Passport

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