Four Things I Love Right Now

1. Nail Polish – During the holidays, things were so busy that I couldn’t really afford to take an hour out of the day and sit quietly while my nails dried. As things have calmed down over the past few weeks, though, I’ve been taking full advantage of that little bit more free time to paint my nails crazy colors at least once a week. Its a little addicting. (Photo via here.)

2. WTF Podcast – My lovely boyfriend turned me onto this podcast, hosted by comedian Marc Maron. I’m not a huge comedy nerd, but the conversation is always intelligent and interesting. Some I listened to recently and would highly recommend were with Henry Rollins, Mike DeStafano and a now infamous half-interview with Gallagher.

3. Kids in the Hall Reruns – Netflix recently started streamed episodes of The Kids in the Hall online and I am hooked. I used to watch the show all the time on Comedy Central when I was in high school, and it’s just as funny as I remembered… actually, probably funnier, since I get more of the jokes that I probably did back then. On a related note, Dave Foley was also on a recent episode of the WTF Podcast and, well, its simply impossible not to like that guy.

4. Peach Cider – We picked up some Abbott Farms Peach Cider early on during our trip South last week and it was completely delicious. So, obviously, we had to buy another bottle on the way home, and that one disappeared in less than a day. So good. (Photo via here.)

3 thoughts on “Four Things I Love Right Now

  1. OK, so my fiance loves crafts, and has her own craft-related blog, and I’ve recently tried to turn her onto WTFPod myself. I honestly thought you were her for a second and that this was some sort of secret blog of hers. Unfortunately she’s not as big a fan of Marc Maron. She finds his self-obsession annoying whereas I find it to be something I can relate to.

    I just found out about WTFPod when Maron was on Conan last month, and kicked myself later for not going to the live show in San Francisco the next night. Ever since I’ve been desperately trying to catch up on all the episodes from the iPhone app, starting with the comedians I like best. I honestly think I’ve already listened to 50 or 60 of the podcasts in the few weeks since I found out it existed.

    My favorite so far have been the Louis CK two-parter and the Carlos Mencia two-parter. Highly recommended.

  2. I like Marc Maron a lot, but I relate to people who overthink things, which he does. And I need to listen to the Louis CK one for sure. Not sold on Mecia, but I do like that Maron’s show humanizes some comics I might not have otherwise been very interested in.

    • I hate Mencia, and liked the podcast. Listened to Rollins today, not so much a fan, but he’s just not my type. Kevin Smith interview is a must hear btw, especially if you want to hear more stuff on his deal with Southwest Airlines.

      By the way, the last line of the Gallagher interview is epic, I think he may make t-shirts with it.

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