I Choo-choo-choose You

I’ve never been very big on Valentine’s Day (unless you count the year my roommate and I turned our Christmas tree into a Robert Redford tree in honor of the holiday), but I thought I’d share a couple photos from our mini-celebration this week. Fresh flowers are something that I really love, but don’t indulge in very often, since they’re expensive and not often particularly sustainable, but Ben brought home a lovely bouquet of fair trade flowers this year that made me really happy.

valentine flowers and wood initials

My gift to him was a little laser-cut sculpture of our initials in wood, from Multi Polar Projects (I wrote about them a while back). I know, I know, if you’re ready to gag, it’s okay, I won’t blame you ; ) Below is another shot of it, which Weebay decided to photobomb.

wooden initialsvalentines at local dinerFor dinner, we’d planned on going to a sweet little place in Bridgeport, but found out they were full (Note to self: reservations are probably a good idea on holidays. Duh.), so we ended up at one of our favorite diners. Afterward, we hit up a thrift store, bought a Huck Finn donut to bring home for dessert and watched “A Serious Man.” My kind of Valentine : )

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