Pen + Notebook Paper

The Perfect Cursive etsy shop was featured (in a good way) on Regretsy the other day and I fell in love.

Mario Zucca’s illustrations feature people he knows, and some he doesn’t, created old-school style with ballpoint pen on lined notebook paper. This takes me back to school days when I would sometimes draw something unexpectedly good in a notebook during class, then lament the fact that it was on such thin, “unprofessional” paper and had light blue lines running through it. I love how Zucca’s work turns that thinking on its head and embraces the everyday materials, making them part of what’s so charming about his work.

It also doesn’t hurt that so many of the subjects are so dang awesome, either.

Bea ArthurMr. BelvedereBlossomHarvey Pekar


The drawings of non-famous people, which appear to be from old family snapshots, are pretty great, as well.

See more awesomeness on the People I Know and Some I Don’t blog and make it yours in the Perfect Cursive shop.

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