Cake Toppers Galore!

I found this ballerina cake-topper at the adorable Back in the Day Bakery I stopped into in Savannah, GA a few weeks ago. Isn’t she sweet? They had a whole basket of topper like these, all sort of retro-looking, but probably not actually that old. Isn’t it interesting how there are some things that are probably made in basically the same way they were 50 years ago? I’m also a sucker for anything little and kitschy, so these are pretty much right up my alley.

A quick etsy search had me drooling over all the vintage cake toppers that’re available. Who knew?

Carnival toppers from Year Round Yard Sale

Telephone Teens from Hey YoYo

Dancers from Yesterdays Whimsy

Bowlers from Pink Supply

Water Skiers from Year Round Yard Sale

Superman Scene from Yestedays Whimsy


3 thoughts on “Cake Toppers Galore!

  1. yeah! i too, love cute little cake toppers! i have quite a random collection!
    do you know about ? amanda is the sweetest and is majorly responsible for the cake topper resurgence, haha! i’ve known her for a long time through this internet and i remember when she was sourcing the companies who are still making was hard work! she’s got a lot of good stuff up her sleeves!

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