Sneak Peek Week is under way, and congratulations to Carrie + Ted, lucky winners of $10 gift certificates to the shop! While both of their guesses were excellent, neither was quite on the money. Yesterday’s Sneak Peek Number 1, and the newest members of the abbeychristine puppet family, is none other than Peggy Olsen from Mad Men! Check her out, in all her working woman, 60s-flip glory:

And, if you haven’t already guessed about Sneak Peek Number Two, that gent with the cocktail (An Old Fashioned is his drink of choice) was none other than Peggy’s boss, Don Draper:

Excellent work to those who guessed these two correctly yesterday!

As for today’s Sneak Peek Number Three, this one is another guy in a suit jacket, though it’s certainly not quite the same as the fancy-schmancy ones Mr. Draper wears. Check out the photo below, and take a guess at who you think it could be wearing that snappy tie and navy blazer. This character’s also been known to accessorize his look with an unmistakable hat.

As with yesterday, anyone who leaves a guess in the comments is entered to win another $10 gift certificate to the shop, so put on your thinking caps (or “thinking berets”… *hint!*), friends! (Also, be sure to include contact info when you comment so I can get in touch with you if you win!)

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