New Designs Available Today!

The 2011 collection of new designs, including Omar Little, Max Fischer, Peggy Olsen, Don Draper, Frida Kahlo and Liz Lemon are now now available for purchase in my shop! Get ’em while they’re hot!

This year’s designs have been quite a few months in the works. Frida and Omar have both appeared in slightly different forms in the past, and Max has been one I’ve reworked a couple times in order to get all the details just right. As for Liz Lemon, she’s a character I love so much that I vowed I wouldn’t rest until I’d figured out a way to render her in tiny felt form. And Don and Peggy, well, you all probably know already how I feel about Mad Men. Heck, I’d make the whole cast if I could (I’m not too far from that as it is anyway!). I really hope you’re as excited about these new puppets as I am, and thank you to everyone for your support (and guesses!) during last week’s Sneak Peek Week. You are all awesome!

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