Rhode Island Reminiscing

I moved to Providence, Rhode Island in January 2005. It was an impulsive decision– in November, my best friend and I began talking about leaving Indiana for someplace else, and by the first week of the new year we were in New England. The move was a bit of a culture shock for a girl who’d never lived outside of the Midwest– the winding streets and densely-packed city, the lack of greenery, not to mention those strange new terms for things— shopping carriages, jimmies, cabinets, bubblers. I got used to it, though, and eventually learned to love so many things about living in Providence. In no particular order, here are a few of the things about living there that I miss the most.

1. Our neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, and the view of the skyline out our window.

2. Twenty-six flavors of soft serve. So, so good.

3. Our yellow kitchen.

4. Federal Hill

5. Breakfast sandwich at Nick’s on Broadway.

6. The kids I worked with in Pawtucket.

7. Being so close to the ocean.

Looking back over these pictures, I think I’m overdue for a visit.

2 thoughts on “Rhode Island Reminiscing

  1. YES! My favorite blog in perhaps, ever. Even more than the one with the picture that I took of my spouse and your puppet.

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