Bloomington Weekend Wrap-Up

After a whirlwind weekend of crafts, friends, family and long hours in the car, I’m home from an excellent trip south to attend the Bloomington Handmade Market in Bloomington, Indiana. Above are a few shots from the event, including brooches, state pins, Tiny Tenenbaum buttons with new, more Wes Anderson-esque packaging, character buttons and animal + monster finger puppets. The event was a great day, with lots of talented vendors and friendly visitors. I guess I forgot how cool Bloomington really is, but I’ll definitely be keeping the Handmade Market on my list for the future.

Also, isn’t this about the cutest kid you’ve ever seen? My cousin and her son visited the show, and I couldn’t let him go home without a puppet on his finger. After some intense deliberation, he settled on a blue elephant, which I think was an excellent choice.

Finally, I simply had to share photos of this gorgeous needle-felted finger puppet I picked up at the show, made by Paper Tiger Cards. Isn’t it amazing? First of all, that mustard yellow is definitely my favorite color right now, and who can resist a face like that? I’m not entirely sure what kind of animal it is– deer? dog? bear? But regardless, she’s my new favorite.

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