Around the House

Aren’t these daffodils gorgeous? They were on sale at the grocery store, 3 bunches for $5, so our house is kind of bursting at the seams with yellow right now. And I love it. Daffodils are one of my very favorite flowers, and have always represented spring to me more than anything else.

While I was shooting the flowers last night, I took a few other shots from around the apartment I thought you might enjoy.

This is from our hallway gallery (which, on an side note, I never see from this angle, so the photo looks a little odd to me), where I recently found the perfect home for Jerome, the stuffed and mounted plush fish I made for a show a few months back. Don’t you think he looks swell among all our various framed stuff. Pictured is Frank Chimero’s Owl Illinois, prints by Baumbirdy, selections from our collection of photobooth strips and, of course, Jerome himself.

Finally, I noticed this little vignette while I was shooting the daffodils across the room. It looks like the oregano has vined out of its pot enough so that the hippo might be trying to take a nibble. Nom nom nom.


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