4 Things I Love Right Now

1. Windows Open


There are few things I love more than that first days in Spring when it’s warm enough to open the windows again. So, so wonderful.

2. Heidi Braids


When I was a kid, on days when my mom did my hair up in “Heidi braids,” my 2nd-grade teacher would talk to my in a fake Swedish accents. I acted like I was embarrassed, but I secretly loved it.

These days, I’ve been waiting anxiously until my hair was long enough to give these a try again, and then I had to wait until I was brave enough to actually wear them out. The time has finally come, and I have to work on not wearing these braids every day. I love them.

(Great Heidi Braid tutorial by Orchid Grey here.)

3. My Boots

I’m not a boot girl, never have been. I also try not to wear leather very much, but I came to own these boots almost accidentally, and now I can’t stop wearing them. They’re really not great for Chicago winters, but are so wonderful on those off days when it’s not warm, but not cold. Plus, they make me feel like I have elf feet.

3. Old World Folk Art source

Maybe influenced by those Heidi braids, lately I’ve been really into Scandinavian folk art, and Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs, which share a lot of the same symbols and colors. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to work some of these motifs into things I’m making, but any of that stuff is definitely still in the incubation and planning stage. Till then, I’ll be surround myself with Dala horses, tulips, and distlefinks.

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