Mother’s Day

At the high school where I went for a year, and where quite a few of my family members went, they used to post the senior pictures of all the students around the school. They ran out of space about 10 years ago, but the tradition had a nearly 50 year run. Going to and from class in that building, I could catch a glimpse of my uncles, cousins, step-siblings and yes, even my mom. In her senior photo she’s platinum blond, which she was always embarrassed by (though I think she totally rocked it), but the more natural hair shade in this photo makes me think it was probably her junior year. Its strange to think that I’m already nearly twice as old as she is in this photo– she doesn’t look anything like a 16 year old kid in it, not to me anyway, but I suppose you always see your parents as your parents, even long before they actually were.

At any rate, happy Mother’s Day, 1966 Mom.


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