Vintage Bazaar Treasures

The Vintage Bazaar has quickly become one of my favorite events in the city. I went for the first this time last year (hard to believe it was actually that long ago) and have been looking forward to this spring’s show, now in a larger location and, even better, in our neighborhood! The event featured about 50 vendors selling amazing vintage wares from clothes to housewares to furniture to art. And best of all, the prices were so reasonable, I couldn’t help but bring home an armload of treasures.

Above are my first finds– the Indiana ashtray will be a birthday present for a friend (unless I decide I can’t part with it, that is), handmade fabric-covered buttons (not vintage, but awesome) and the large Loud Mouth button for days when I’m feeling sassy.

Ben spotted this wonderful McCoy turtle planter and it melted my heart the moment I laid eyes on it. Look at what a happy little guy he is! Plus, one of my goals for the day was to find a planter that was deep enough to actually keep a plant happy. Check!

And finally, at one of the very last booths we visited, I came across this vintage cabinet, totally reasonably priced (only $45!) and so charming with those little display shelves. It appears to have been a kitchen cabinet in it’s former life, but I think it looks just as good sitting on the floor as a side table/plant stand, don’t you? It’s a nice little change-up for our living room.

Overall, it was an excellent event, and I’m so happy with the treasures we brought home. I’m already looking forward to next year!

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