No Sew Blinds

As an apartment-dweller, curtains are not really at the top of my decorating to-do list. I’m fully of aware of how great they can make a room, and I admittedly loathe the site of mini-blinds, but for whatever reason, they’re just not something I can make myself commit to. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to pay for them, or maybe its because I feel like it’s hard to find a solution somewhere in between ugly, out of date lace options and McMansion “window treatments”. What’s a middle of the road, probably-gonna-move-in-6-months cheapskate such as myself supposed to do?

Well, in another great DIY from over at Scoutie Girl, these no-sew blinds may just be the answer. With just a little tweaking, the frame from existing mini-blinds is transformed into a sleek, fabric shade. Genius!

See the whole project here (and in my living room soon!).

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