Sunday Funday

Sunday is Farmer’s Market day in our neighborhood. This is the first weekend I’ve been home to go, so I was super anxious to check out this year’s offerings. I love that it grows every year, especially with more local businesses setting up shot– this week, our fav Italian restaurant Ciao Amore was there, and though I didn’t get to sample their offerings on site, I have no doubt that there were delicious. I ended up coming home with goodies for making pico de gallo, some blueberries, as well as the beets who’s greens you can see sticking out of my backpack in the photo up there. They leaves themselves are so gorgeous it makes me wonder if their edible– anyone know if you can cook up beet greens? I need to google that.

My other Sunday treat was a first-of-the-season visit to Ferro’s in Bridgeport for an Italian Ice. I clearly forgot how massive their sizes are, because that medium in the photo was the leftovers after 15 minutes to scraping away. Not that I’m complaining– their Italian Ice is so fruity and delicious, it puts the rest of the city to shame. That place could very easily convince me to stay a Southsider for life. Mmmmm…

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