Wall Chairs

I was just having a conversation the other day about storing chairs high up on the wall. A friend had never seen this before and wondered why on earth the extra chair from dinner was going above the doorframe. I remembered it as being a trick that Amish family used where I grew up, since they needed plenty of chairs for meals or when guests came over, but didn’t need to be tripping over all those extras the rest of the time. Then I happened upon this photo over at DesignSponge and wonder if it’s maybe something people do all over the world?

Personally, I always loved how this storage method could turn a utilitarian object very suddenly into a kind of art piece on display. It gave you a chance to really marvel at the beauty of those old handmade chairs.

What do you think– have you seen chairs stored high up on the wall? Do you do it? Do you like it?

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