World Champs

I wanted to take a quick break from regularly scheduled artsy-craftsy programming to say congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals for their amazing World Series win last night. It’s taken nearly four years for my super-fan boyfriend to finally hook me into his baseball obsession, but it happened big time for me this year. The past few months have been pretty crazy and difficult for us, and baseball games definitely became our outlet– a way to ignore everything else that was going on around us and just spend the evening with the game.

I’ve fallen in love with the camaraderie, the intelligence and skill it takes to play well, and how wonderfully charming and unexpected and weird the whole endeavor is. It’s a little silly, perhaps, to compare your life to the outcome of a baseball season, but just like things have seem daunting for us this fall, we watched the Cards come from 10 games back to make it to the post-season, beat the teams who had beaten them consistently earlier in the year, and amazingly, make it to the World Series to win, in the same way that things have been tough and confusing for us, and are finally, hopefully, starting to even out. Congrats to the Cards– they worked so hard to get to this place. Gotta love an underdog story.



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