And We’re Back!

Hello blog friends!

The Big Move happened successfully about two weeks ago and we are officially residents of our very own home! Nothing is painted, the faucet still leaks, the window treatments are dreadful, but we are IN! And now that more and more things are getting unpacked, Ben has reminded me that it is important to get back to some semblance of normal life (you can’t fix things every minute), so with that, I feel ready to reopen Ye Oldde Etsy Shop once more. Are you excited?!

Hard to believe, but this is actually pretty organized at this point.

My studio is somewhat in order these days. The space is really different– I lose the giant closet that I had for storing felt backstock in the apartment space, but gained two giant dressers for keeping things tidy and out of sight. We didn’t plan on keeping these dressers originally (they were left by the previous owner), but the ungodly weight of them (I’d forgotten that vital difference between midcentury construction and Ikea-style modern furniture) and prospect of moving them anywhere made me take a second look at those many deep and wide drawers : ) So, Studio Version 4.0 it is! I am really excited to finally have real natural light in my workspace– a whole bank of windows leading out to our teeny backyard.

Look! Natural light!

And the other big news in our lives that we’ve recently revealed to the world is that we’re actually expecting a baby in March of 2012. This recent turn of events came as a bit of a shock to both of us, but everyday we’re getting more and more excited to see what the new adventure of Parenthood will bring. As if being homeowners for the first time weren’t going to be interesting and challenging enough on it’s own, we figured that taking on every adult rite of passage all at once would be way for fun ; )

Don't even bother trying to find a baby in this picture. The only pertinent info is the tiny little penis with an arrow pointing to it. It's a boy!

Needless to say, with all this distraction and change, it’s been a bit of a stretch to get myself into the headspace of making things in the studio. I’m not quite sure how my little business and new motherhood are going to balance– Little Man will be showing up just about the time next spring that I had planned on debuting new designs– so we’ll see how that all works out. I always wondered before how women who have careers and kids AND creative side jobs make it all work, and I guess I’m about to get a crash course in figuring out exactly that.

So, friends, the shop is back open and ready for business– get those puppets while you can, before motherhood makes me way too serious to think of silly, trivial things like pop culture finger puppets and the packages I do send out have little teething marks on all of corners. Or something like that ; )



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