Shower Decisions

We need a new shower curtain. Something– anything– to cover up the blue bathtub our new place has blessed us with. But in a house with one bathroom, a shower curtain can suddenly become a bigger decision that you would expect.

I tried out one from Target the other day. I loved the design, but realized pretty quickly that a big, bold pattern in a teeny, tiny bathroom is a little visually overwhelming. Ah well, that’s why they have return policies, right?

My favorite discovery while browsing the internet’s selection of shower curtains was this one from Deny Designs that allows you to print your own photo on a curtain. How genius is that?

I don’t know if I can justify spending $60 on one, but the possibilities are endlessly amusing. Weebay shower curtain? Photobooth masterpiece shower curtain? Steve Zissou finger puppet shower curtain? Yes, yes and yes.

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