Three Decades

Today is my 30th birthday. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. I’m feeling pretty good about it– no “OMG I’m getting old” freak outs so far, and I don’t plan on giving into any that might come creeping up. But still, it’s a pretty big deal, right?

Back in the spring, I wrote one of those “30 Before 30” lists, somewhat half-heartedly. I didn’t really expect or really feel like I needed to do all of the things on it, though they would’ve surely been good experiences and I thought it’d be good to give myself some goals. In fact, the only two I can check off that list, eight months later, are “Revisit the City Museum in St. Louis” and “Get health insurance.” Not too bad, I suppose.

Instead of things like “Get another tattoo,” “Take a train someplace” and “Get a passport,” I can’t complain too much about the fact that I got to replace those with the pretty major (and majorly unexpected) life events: “Buy a house” and “Have a kid.” Well, I guess I can’t technically check the have the kid off my just yet, but we’re certainly well on our way to that event. I guess next year I’ll focus on having that picnic, in our backyard with a little one to join us : )

So here’s to the past three decades and all the fun, strange, interesting and wonderful experiences they’ve brought, and here’s looking forward to lots of decades still to come.

2 thoughts on “Three Decades

  1. Happy Birthday Abbey!

    I can’t wait to see where we both are in 10, 20 and 30 years. I think we’re just getting into the fun parts. Remember the occasional (or more than occasional) miserableness of being a teenager? The total vastness and intimidation-factor of the world when we just turned 20? The frustration with professors and bosses and the feeling like life wasn’t quite moving at the pace we wanted it to of our mid 20s? Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but I really think you’re gonna have an awesome next ten years and more! Keep making time to do what you like to do, go see movies, baseball games, make stuff, visit friends, have out-of-town guests, and keep choosing your own path.


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