(Belated) Christmas Scenes

I haven’t been great about capturing things in photos recently, but I did want to share a few of the shots I took over the weeks around the holidays before they’re too distant of a memory. I was so consumed with orders that there was no time to do much of anything Christmas-y, let alone decorate the house at all, up until the few days before Christmas was actually here– subsequently, I’ve decided that the lovely decorations, now that they’re up, will stick around till February or so, so we can properly enjoy them. It was our first Christmas in our new little house, after all– Gotta live it up!

Our little dining area, with fancy garland and some of our favorite holiday cards. I bought the poinsettia on a whim a few days before Christmas dinner was to be at our house, but I’ve never actually had one before. Do they actually live past the holiday?

I had lots of extra ornaments leftover from preparations for the fancy wreath I didn’t end up making, so they were hung along the bookshelf in the living room so we could still enjoy their colors.

This was dessert for Christmas dinner with Ben’s family. We had a lot of things to celebrate, so I thought a proper cake was in order.

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