Nursery in Progress

This post is scheduled to go up on Tuesday, my official due date, though I admit that I’m writing these words a few days early. Not that I really expect the Little Man to be so punctual (though you never know– I actually was), but I thought that given the imminent arrival and the lack of coherent blog posts that may follow, I’ll share a few snapshots from our nursery creation process from the past few months.

Given my line of work and the insane nature of November/December around here, we basically put off most of the substantial baby preparations until after the first of the year. Come January 1st, though, things went into overdrive. Our second bedroom had been the guest room for the first few months we lived in the new house, so we needed to dismantle and take to the attic the full size bed that was occupying the room (no small feat, let me tell you), as well as remove all the various orphaned boxes that had been left in there to unpack some other time.

After some initial trouble trying to find just the right shade of baby-friendly gray (not an easy task for a room with just one window that you don’t want to come off as gloomy), Ben’s good friend offered to paint the nursery as his baby gift to us, and finally things looked like they would come together. My best friend loaned us her daughter’s crib, and we bought a gorgeous old rocking armchair from Craigslist that immediately become my favorite thing in the room.

Finally, we put up the amazing wall decal ordered from Blik, the one that I stumbled upon back in January and immediately threw out any nursery ideas I’d had that didn’t revolve around this Russian/Middle Eastern/exotic locations and bright colors theme.

Here you can see the castle in all it’s glory:

And here are Ben and myself feeling pretty proud of ourselves for getting it onto the wall straight:

More views of the room, now more or less complete–


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