4 Things I Love Right Now

Free time to enjoy the a quiet moment at home has been in short supply lately, but one habit we’ve started over the past few weeks is to eat dinner outside when it’s warm enough. Sure, it can be a bit of a production to get dinner, two adults, a baby and a dog all corralled in one location, but it’s totally worth it to relax in the yard for a bit at the end of the day.

(Photo source.)

In the past few weeks, our backyard has exploded with an array of gorgeous roses in every color. When we bought the house late last fall we knew the backyard had a number of established bushes (8, to be exact), but it took until this spring to realize just how lucky we are to have such an amazing yard to call our own. We were told that at least one of the bushes is over forty years old. Here’s hoping we can learn enough to keep them alive and blooming for the next forty.

What nobody told me about maternity leave is that I’d have a fair amount of time for leisure activities, just as long as those activities could be done one-handed (the other nearly always occupied holding a baby). I finished two books during my weeks at home, my favorite by far being The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. Not only did the characters immediately feel like people I’d known forever, it also captures all the things I’ve come to love about baseball over the past year– the strategy, the camaraderie, the history, the fine balance between individual and team sport. Oh, and bonus points for a main character named Henry.

Inspired by these recipes I spotted on Pintrest the other day, I’ve been experimenting with oatmeal smoothie recipes for breakfast (and lunch, dinner, snacks…). My favorite so far is the old standby cinnamon variety (inspired by Irazu), but a blueberry/vanilla combo I came up with the other day was a very close second. Yum.

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