Onesies to Dye For

Craft time is in somewhat short supply these days, but I found a bit of free time over Memorial Day weekend (yeah, I’m a little behind on blogging, too) as the perfect excuse to work on some projects I’ve been meaning to try. First on the agenda was a onesie dyeing project, inspired by this post. My mom gave us a pack of simple white onesies at Henry’s baby shower a few weeks ago to do something with, and they were the perfect excuse to buy some Rit and get to work.

As the resident arts and crafts ringleader at countless after school programs and summer camps, I’ve certainly done my share of tie-dyeing in the past, so I had to give it a shot with one of Henry’s outfits. I wasn’t quite ready to commit to a hippie rainbow baby, but the indigo blue dye was so gorgeous against the white, I couldn’t resist at least one tie-dyed version. Unfortunately I forgot the important step where you wash the extra dye out of the fabric before unwrapping it, so this crisp white and blue version shown above isn’t quite accurate anymore, but the light purple and dark blue version we’ve got now is still quite nice.

 Even the rubber bands got tie-dyed. Pretty!

The other two onesies were ombre dyed using this tutorial. I really love how they turned out– sweet and simple, but with a little bit of extra visual interest. It was also nice to think that if I didn’t like how they turned out, I could always just dye them all a solid color anyway.

One of the final results on Mr. Man himself. I find it slightly amusing that the yellow is darkest around his bottom half where he is often yellow (inside his diaper anyway).

The blue/purple version on Memorial Day. It’s tough work looking this hip.

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