Thrifting Love

The thrifting spirits have been kind to me lately, bringing some really awesome finds my way. We like to go thrifting on the weekends, especially for 50% off Saturday mornings at my favorite spot, and had good luck at a Salvation Army in the ‘burbs we stumbled upon the other day. Nothing like suburban grandma junk to warm this gal’s heart.

Vintage atomic pattern tablecloth (which has doubled as a backdrop for a couple of baby photoshoots already), flower power serving dish and Fisher Price farm playset (our fourth from this series!). That was a good day.

One of three vintage overalls I found for Henry. The other two he’ll have to grow into, but this little sailboat number should fit him by the end of the summer. LITTLE SAILBOATS!

Just the other day, while we were packing a picnic for a Memorial Day BBQ, I thought “Wouldn’t this be easier if I didn’t have to worry about breaking the good plates we brought along?” and lo and behold, we came upon this set of vintage picnic plates. The yellow planter I spotted from outside the door as we were walking up to the Salvation Army and I announced to Ben that I’d be buying it. It didn’t disappoint once we got inside, so did indeed come back with us.

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