The Summer House

Summer is in full swing around here, complete with strings of 90 degree days and me desperately trying to keep alive our handful of outdoor plants. On the front porch the cheapie hanging petunia that I got at Aldi when it was half-dead has surprised me by blooming up a storm, and the purple vineing things on the steps give us the appearance of having have at least half a green thumb. The zinnias, however, have seen better days. I thought they were full-sun plants, but they’ve spent most of the past few weeks looking scorched and wilty. I keep thinking that maybe we’re not watering them enough, but I might just need to face the fact that they need to be moved. They actually look pretty nice in this photo, though, so I maybe I could’ve gotten away with pretending those look awesome, too.

The tomato I planted out back has morphed into a monster in just a few short weeks. We bought the thing at the beginning of May and it’s really loving the hot days and lack of rain, apparently. Every year I look at the little tomato seedlings and think “Oh, they’re so little and sweet. Maybe I should buy two” and have to hold myself back. This is why– we’re on course to have tomatoes coming out our ears from just this one formerly-tiny plant. I can’t wait!

Here’s some of the fam enjoying the nice weather out back. Note the lightbox I have set up on the table for some product photography, which I forgot was sitting there until I uploaded these photos. It’s more true to life this way, though– nice and serene scene, but me always checking something off my to-do list in the process!

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