Vintage Bazaar, Summer Edition

We checked out the Vintage Bazaar at the Aragon over the weekend. They’re running monthly events through the summer and Sunday’s market was gorgeous and sunny and full of treasures. These summer markets also include a few handmade vendors working with vintage materials, food trucks and yummy food vendors– I highly reccomend the Hibiscus Basil Orange Blossom snow cone from Jo Snow Syrups. Yum! Henry got to wear his new sun hat, too– wish I’d taken a photo of that, it was dang cute.

Here are the three awesome scores we came home with:

Ben took one look at this silverware organizer tray and said, “That’s your color.” Yep, no question that that beaut was going to be mine.

Can you believe how much that wallet looks like our living room carpet? Pretty funny. Can’t wait to get this tapestried little gal into rotation.

The plastic tray will be helping me out in the studio. I have one tray that I use a lot, but sometimes I need someplace for overflow, and I think this will be just the ticket. Plus, we got it from the booth that benefited One Tail at the Time, a dog rescue with some very sweet adoptable pups.

All in all, a lovely afternoon. If you’re in Chi, you can get your very own vintage lovelies at the next Vintage Bazaar coming up in August.


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