Fried Green Tomatoes

I know you’re waiting anxiously to hear how our backyard tomato plant has been coming along (Okay, probably not. But I’m going to tell you anyway). A few weeks back when I last updated, our green growing friend was probably about three feet or so tall. When I went out to check on it the other day I was shocked to realize much that crazy thing has grown– it’s well over five feet tall, and probably about 4 feet wide, too.

Let me just reiterate: this is one tomato plant. One insane tomato plant.

The fruit is starting to get there, too. No red just yet, but a number of green tomatoes around the size of golf balls. A few larger ones I was able to pick to try my hand at fried green tomatoes.

Have you made these before? I’ll admit that my main experience with them is from the movie (Towanda!), but one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood has fried green tomatoes on the menu, and I think that was the first place I ever actually ate them.

I kind of winged a recipe– we don’t really make much friend stuff around here, but I’d tried these baked asapragus spears a few weeks back and kind of tweaked the recipe to include tomatoes instead, and pan fried instead of baked. Simple and pretty yummy. I figure I’m going to have tomatoes coming out my ears in just a few weeks, so I better get a head start on them, right?

What about you– do you have a garden? What are you growing this summer?

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