Saying Goodbye

This is a hard post for me to write, so much so that I’ve put it off for a couple of weeks now. I don’t always write about super personal things on here, trying to keep it to business and craft topics for the most part, but I mentioned before that if you’ve read my blog at all, you know Weebay. That sweet, pointy-eared pup was an integral part of our lives for four years– a much shorter time than we anticipated, but long enough to make it hard to remember life before her– and she left us 2 weeks ago today.

The month after her cancer surgery was miraculous and I am thankful for every single moment with her that it allowed us. After a couple of days of recovery, she was back to jumping onto furniture, chasing cats out of the backyard and guarding the door from the mail carrier. We fed her chicken for every meal, went on walks every night, treated her to all the raw spaghetti she could eat. I assigned myself mandatory half hour cuddle sessions with her on the couch every night. We took videos of her making Henry laugh and pictures of all four of us together. It was a month that I wouldn’t trade for anything– a chance to revel in the most amazing dog a person could ask for, a chance to appreciate all the things we knew we would miss about her, a chance to say goodbye.

When we adopted Weebay, I’d had a number of years as a nomad, living in many states, many different apartments, all the while anxiously waiting till I was truly settled to get a dog. We had wonderful dogs growing up, and I couldn’t believe I’d been able to restrain myself until I was 26 to finally bring my own home. When you get a dog from the shelter you never really know quite what they’re going to be like– dogs always change once they’re in  a home. The day I brought Weebay home she’d just been spayed and was still a bit dopey from the anesthesia. I put her in the backseat of my car, unsure of how she’d do in a vehicle, and within blocks she was groggily poking her head between the seats until I was stopped at a stop light and could help her to the front. She immediately plopped her sleepy body down on the passenger seat next to me, finally content. And so she was for the rest of her life– never happier than when she was sitting right next to us.

I know we’ll get other dogs, and I know we’ll love them just as much as Weebay. But she was my first, my sweet girl, and for that she’ll always be special.

1 thought on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Awwww….sorry to read this. I searched for “pointy-eared dog” and ran across this post. 😦 Circle of life sucks sometimes, right? I hope you got another dog as cool as Weebay!

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